Premium Rate Telephone Competitions in the UK

An ICSTIS consultation document

June 1996



Section 1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 PRS Competitions
1.3 Provisions in the ICSTIS Code
1.4 The Telemillion Case
1.6 Terms of Reference
1.7 Gaming, Gambling and Prize Competitions
1.8 Principles of Government Regulation
1.9 Some Other Regulatory Systems
Section 2 The PRS Competitions Sector
2.1 Collecting Information
2.2 Number of Competitions
2.3 Financial Statistics
2.4 Profitability
2.5 Prizes
Section 3 Competition Formats and Questions
3.1 Formats
3.3 Types of Questions
Section 4 Complaints to ICSTIS and Other Regulators
4.1 The Volume of Complaints to ICSTIS
4.2 Types of Complaint
4.3 Nature of Complaints
4.4 Complaints about Operational Difficulties
4.5 Complaints to Other Regulators and Complaint-Handling Organisations
4.6 Summary
Section 5 Monitoring Exercise
5.1 Objectives
5.3 Summary
Section 6 Consumer Attitudes and Issues
6.1 Consumer Research
6.2 Consumer Perception of Competition Formats
6.3 Consumer Issues
6.4 Non-users of PRS Competitions
Section 7 Summary of Legal Issues
7.1 General
7.3 Legal Issues Relevant to PRS Competitions
Section 8 Summary List of Consultation Questions
Appendix 1 PRS Prefixes and Tariffs
Appendix 2 Extracts From the ICSTIS Code
Appendix 3 Examples of PRS Competition Formats
Appendix 4 NOP Summary of Consumer Research
Appendix 5 'Right to Reply' Quotes
Appendix 6 Legality
1. Summary of Relevant Law
2. Legal Issues Relevant to PRS Competitions
3. R-v-Interactive Telephone Services Ltd (Telemillion)
4. Typical PRS Competition Schemes
5. Conclusion
Appendix 7 PRS Competition in Other Countries
Appendix 8 Glossary


The consultation period will run until 12 August 1996 . Comments in particular are invited on the questions highlighted in the text of the document and summarised in Section 8 .

Comments should be sent to Anthony Smith at the ICSTIS Secretariat.

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