List of premium rate dialling codes and charges

Information correct at 19 May 1997

089150p/min BT
0891 981 10p/call (single drop charge)BT
0894 125p/call (single drop charge) BT
0894 225p/call (single drop charge) BT
0894 350p/call (single drop charge) BT
0894 4Daytime: 6p/min. All other times: 2.5p/min BT
0894 825p/min BT
0897 5£1.00/min BT
0897£1.50/min BT
08982 50p/minBT
066049p/min Mercury
083949p/min Mercury
0881Daytime: 41p/min. All other times: 28p/min Mercury
0991 1£1.00/min Mercury
0991 9£1.50p/min Mercury
0930 9Daytime: 50p/min. All other times: 45p/min Norweb Communications
0991 2£1.50/min Norweb Communications
177Daytime: 39p/min. All other times: 29p/min Orange (Orange Users Only)
0890 0350p/min Redstone Network Services
0896 11£1/min Redstone Network Services
0896 12£1.50/min Redstone Network Services
089550p/call (single drop charge) Scottish Telecom
0930 550p/min Scottish Telecom
0991 5£1.50/min Scottish Telecom
0896 20£1.00/min Torch Telecom
0930 150p/min Torch Telecom
0991 0£1.50/min Torch Telecom
033650p/min Vodata
03382 Daytime: 49p/min. All other times: 39p/min Vodata
0836 4Daytime: 49p/min. All other times: 39p/min Vodata
0331 1£1.00/min Vodata
0331 3£1.50/min Vodata
0331 4£1.50/min Vodata

1 Restricted use - only available for use in certain voting services

2 Adult services are acceptable on 0898 and 0338 and are only accessible by PIN

NB All services over £1.00/min and certain services at £1.00/min will require ICSTIS' prior permission before operating. All new live services require ICSTIS' prior permission before operating, regardless of cost.

For more information on the regulation of premium rate services, please contact:
ICSTIS on 0171 240 5511

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