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how do you recognise premium rate services?

All UK-based premium rate services must be advertised on '09' number ranges or mobile SMS short codes. SMS short codes are usually four or five digits long and begin with 5, 6 or 8 but can also be six or seven digits long.

You should recognise a premium rate Internet service because you should be asked to download a piece of software, known as a ‘dialler’, onto your computer. This should tell you the ‘09’ number being used. 

In some instances, such as interactive TV where you make ‘calls’ by pressing a button on the remote control, the premium rate number may not be shown, although it should be clear to you that you will incur a charge.

Premium rate directory enquiry services are advertised on six-digit numbers beginning ‘118’.

Please note that some companies try to ‘offer' premium rate-style services on numbers beginning ‘070'. This is not permitted.

For more information, click on the relevant number range:

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