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what powers do we have?

When a breach of our Code of Practice is upheld, the service provider must immediately amend the service and/or its promotional material so that it complies with the Code. 

In most cases, service providers found in breach of the Code will be charged to cover the cost of our investigation.

In addition, we have the power to impose sanctions on service providers. We will consider all relevant factors when deciding whether to impose a sanction, including the severity of the breach(es), the scale of harm caused and the service providerís breach history.

Sanctions range from:

  • issuing formal reprimands
  • ordering the service provider to submit future promotions and services to us for prior approval for a set period
  • ordering the service provider to pay reasonable and valid claims for compensation
  • imposing fines
  • barring access to services
  • banning named individuals from operating services for set periods.


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