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how do you make a complaint?

icstis regulates any service/promotion that is operating on one of the following number ranges:

  • numbers beginning with 090/ 091 and 098
  • mobile SMS short codes that are usually four or five digits long and begin with 5, 6 or 8.
  • Directory enquiry services (118)
  • 070 numbers that offer premium rate style services
  • All internet dialler services
  • All premium rate sexual entertainment services
  • International numbers that provide a product or service (00)

In 2008, icstis will also commence regulating all services operating on 0871 number ranges.

There are a variety of ways to submit your complaint but before you do, please visit our number checking facility for instant information about the number in question, then:
  • if you have a hard copy of the promotion in question (e.g. a page from a magazine), please supply your complaint in writing with a copy of the promotion to: icstis, FREEPOST WC5468, London, SE1 2BR
  • or complete our online complaint form
  • or call our free helpline on 0800 500 212 between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday

Consumers who are hard of hearing can now contact icstis via textlink on
020 7407 3430.

Prefixes such as 0870, 084 and regular local numbers (01 and 02) do not fall within our remit. We recommend you contact your phone company in the first instance for further advice.

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