ICSTIS Guideline No. 2

Children’s Services (Version 1: 9 March 1998)


ICSTIS Guidelines are intended to advise the premium rate services industry on how the Committee interprets or applies provisions in the ICSTIS Codes of Practice. Service providers seeking clarity about the application of any Code provision, in a particular case, or when a new service is being developed, are strongly advised to contact the Secretariat before starting to operate the service.

A current list of all the latest versions of ICSTIS Guidelines appears in the current ICSTIS Monthly Report and on the ICSTIS website. Copies of Guidelines are available, free of charge, from the Secretariat.

Children’s services

The following is a list of the factors which will be taken into account when the Committee is assessing whether a service is a children’s service for the purposes of paragraph 4.1.1b of the ICSTIS Code (eighth edition):

1 nature of publication/programme,

2 context within publication/programme,

3 stated target audience,

4 actual reader/viewer figures,

5 the type of prize or promotional item on offer and its potential attractiveness to persons under the age of 16,

6 layout of promotion,

7 any other relevant factors.