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12th icstis Forum - 10th July 2006

The 12th icstis Forum was held at the Plaisterer's Hall, London and was attended by over 70 industry representatives.

Opening the Forum, icstis Chairman Sir Alistair Graham, welcomed all attendees and said that he looked forward to meeting many stakeholders over the coming months. Commenting on icstis' activities earlier that day, Sir Alistair made reference to the fact that icstis had held a press conference to mark the launch of its Activity Report and hoped that the improvements icstis had made in the last year would be noted with approval by the industry.

Briefly outlining his view on the way forward for icstis and the industry, Sir Alistair added that he was keen to stamp out the remaining elements of bad practice and that the new 11th Code of Practice would help to make this a reality in the coming months.

In addition to this, Sir Alistair noted that only through a joint approach, between icstis and the industry, would the task of eliminating rogue elements be totally successful. With this in mind, it was noted that the co-operation that took place around the consultation on requirements for Quiz Television served as a strong example of where collaboration in efforts to 'design-in' compliance had produced positive results.

Summing up his opening remarks, Sir Alistair added that icstis would continue to build on its past work informing and educating consumers. Highlighting recent work, including the 'Are you protected against premium rate scams?' leaflet and preliminary discussions on an icstis website for children, Sir Alistair noted the value that empowered consumers could bring to premium rate and emphasised that the press and media would play an important role in spreading these messages.

Following Sir Alistair's opening address, George Kidd, Director of icstis took to the podium and highlighted a number of the key developments and general updates that icstis was facing.

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to view George Kidd's presentation

Paul Whiteing, Deputy Director of icstis was next to take the floor and spoke about icstis' latest plans to regulate 0871 numbers. Following the conclusion of Ofcom's consultation on Number Translation Services, it has been decided that icstis is to regulate these numbers and services from early January 2008.

Click here to view Paul Whiteing's presentation

Suhail Bhat, Policy Advisor took all attendees through the subject matter of a one hour workshop on the forthcoming icstis help notes. During this session, members of the Industry Liaison Panel (ILP) acted as facilitators to groups of industry delegates, who discussed their views on the questions that Suhail had laid out during his introductory presentation.

Click here to view Suhail Bhat's presentation

After a break, all groups provided their comments on the forthcoming help notes through their Industry Liaison Panel representatives.

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Returning to the podium, George, Paul and Suhail all took questions from the floor about a range of matters, before handing over to Sir Alistair for his closing remarks.

Drawing the afternoon to a close, Sir Alistair reiterated his personal commitment to a participatory and consultative style of regulation and thanked all the attendees for their contributions to the day's discussions.


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