ICSTIS Guideline No. 7

Sex advice services (version 1: 9 March 1998)


ICSTIS Guidelines are intended to advise the premium rate services industry on how the Committee interprets or applies provisions in the ICSTIS Codes of Practice. Service providers seeking clarity about the application of any Code provision to a particular service are strongly advised to contact the Secretariat before starting to operate the service.

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Sex Advice Services

Paragraph 4.10.2 of the ICSTIS Code of Practice (eighth edition) states that:

'To avoid being classified as 'services of a sexual nature', advice services and promotional material for them must not contain anything of a sexually suggestive or titillating nature.'

To avoid being classified as 'services of a sexual nature' which are covered by section 4.11 of the Code, service providers operating sexual advice services are advised to take note of the following points: